Booking Conditions


1. Reservation 

A tour request can be made by telephone, fax, E-mail or on the web site. “Eventur LTD ” considers the reservation definite upon receiving a duly filled in booking form and the necessary deposit. The sum of deposit can vary from partly payment of   the total tour cost or full payment in case of late bookings  for the various tours and is determined in the Tour contract.


 1.1 Balance payment should be done 10 workdays prior to departure


 1.2 In case the payment is not received in due time Eventur LTD  reserves the right to consider the reservation cancelled.


 1.3 After balance payment for a reservation the Client gets a voucher  with indications of the services paid for by email, post or  in the office of the tour operator.


 1.4 After reception of every payment, an invoice will be sent to you.


Necessary documents


All nationals of the countries of the European Union can travel with their valid Identity cards. The nationals of other countries have to inquire about conditions of the regime of circulation between their country and countries included in the chosen trip. Eventur LTD   will not take the responsibility of settlement of all formalities before departure under no circumstances whatsoever. The client itself must take care of all formalities prior to travel (passport, visa if necessary), including customs formalities.


2.Prices and payment conditions


  2.1 All holiday and special offers and week-end prices make exception from the determined prices. The currency /Leva or Euro/ as well as the services included in the price are indicated in every offer description.


 ​ 2.2 Payments should be made in leva or euro cash, via credit card or by bank transfer to the bank account of Eventur LTD .


  2.3 Unless indicated otherwise, the sum of the deposit is 30% of the total cost. The deposit is paid in the moment of signing the present Tour contract.


  2.4 Balance payment:  10 workdays prior to departure, unless indicated otherwise.


  2.5 Prices in Euro are calculated on the base of the official currency exchange rate of Bulgarian National Bank


  2 .6 Changes in the price are possible due to rises in the fuel costs, changes in fees or taxes and exchange rates in relation to the organized tour, which have occurred after conclusion of the Tour Contract. No changes in the price can be made less then 20 days prior to departure date.


  2.7 Deposit - A reservation is considered as made, after an advance payment (deposit) of 30% of the total sum for the journey is received by Eventur LTD  by one of the following ways:


     2.7 .1 Bank transfer - The sum has to be paid to:


Pro credit Bank Bulgaria

Beneficiary: Eventur LTD

IBAN: 02PRCB92301045626214



Currency: BGN



    2.7.2 ​Payment in cash – for payments in cash please visit our office during the working hours



Monday to Friday

09:30 – 18:00

Varna, 9000

12 “Bratya Shkorpil” str

Tel: +359 877006352




  2.8 Total payment - The rest of the sum can be paid again either by bank,with credit card or in cash.(for further details regarding deadlines please see the general conditions of Eventur LTD  )


3.Rights and Obligations of the parties


  3.1 Obligations of the tour operator:


    3.1.1 To provide all tourist services, paid for by the Client, in accordance with the present contract.

    3.1.2 Eventur LTD   can make for the client the obligatory medical insurance for travlleing abroad “Travel Assistance and Personal Accident Insurance” using the International Insurance Companys. In some tour is indicate that the medical insurance is included in the price.

    3.1.3 Eventur LTD   has an insurance contract “Tour operator’s liability” according to clause 42 of Bulgarian Tourism Law with “0703090201400002". 

    3.1.4 The Tour operator guarantees the safety the client's personal data in the matter of not using them for other purposes (e.g. marketing) without the permission of the client.


  3.2 The Tour operator has the right to refer to section 6 in case of changes and cancellations.


  3.3 The Tour operator reserves the right to cancel the contract without any consequences, in case the Client fails to make the final payment within the deadline and by the terms of payment, stipulated in the contract and thus does not carry out his contract obligations. The payment is acknowledged by a duly drawn up document. If the Client has paid the deposit for the tour and has not made the balance payment in due time, the tour operator retains the deposit.


 3.4 Rights and obligations of the Client:

    3.4.1 The Client is obliged to provide all personal documents needed for traveling abroad /valid passport, visas,  etc./, which must be drawn up in accordance both with the laws of the travel destination and the Republic of Bulgaria.

    3.4.2 In case the Client is minor of age and is going to travel abroad with his/her own passport, a notary certified declaration signed by both parents has to be presented to the effect that they agree with the departure of the Client to the travel destination on the departure date (if the under-age Client is going to travel with one of the parents, he/she has to present a notary certified assent of the other parent).

    3.4.3 The Client is obliged to make a full payment of the tourist services within the terms indicated by the present contract.

 The Client is obliged to abide by the laws of the country of destination.

    3.4.4 In case the Client intends to travel to countries of higher risk of infectious diseases, he/she is obliged to get a vaccination or go through prophylaxis according to the international medical regulations.


  3.5 Rights of the Client:

    3.5.1 The Client has the right to transfer to another suitable person his rights and obligations in accordance with the present contract at latest 20 days prior to departure. In that case both the Client and the third person are responsible to the Tour operator in solidarity for the payment of the total price of the organized tour plus 60 lv administration charge for the transfer, in case notified otherwise. The third person declares that he approves of the transfer conditions and he fully agrees with the contract and annex regulations and that he is aware of the transfer information before the date of the transfer.

*This is not valid for air tickets. The name of passenger could NOT be change ! The conditions  of air tickets are valid only for the flights. The amount of issued air tickets is refundable or not refundable for each ticket condition.


  3.6 The Client has the right to make changes and cancellations according to clause 5 of the Terms and Conditions.


4.Liability and Claims


  4.1 The tour operator is not liable for non-fulfillment or inaccurate realization of the contract’s conditions, if it is caused by:

- the Client

- third party, not involved in the Contract’s conditions

- force-majeure circumstances, as: war, civil disturbance, international conflicts, where one of the parties is involved, terrorist activity, natural disasters, delay or cancellation of flights, or any other event which is beyond the control of Serendipity  and our partners and could not reasonably be avoided or had not been provided for in the contract.


  4.2 In case of failure to provide or inadequate provision of the services, described in the “Tour contract” on the part of the Tour operator, the Tour operator is liable to compensate the Client to the extent of the benefits missed or damages suffered. The limit of liability of the Tour operator in similar cases cannot exceed 100% of the total cost of the service.


  4.3 The Tour operator reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to departure for any reason whatsoever, including insufficient signup, or if there are a force majeure circumstances. In this case the Tour operator is not liable for non-fulfillment of the contract and a refund is due, except for the expenses already made /insurance, charges for returned airplane tickets, visa expenses etc/. These expenses must be duly acknowledged by proper documents.


  4.4 The tour operator is not liable for cancellation, delay or changes in the tour’s terms and conditions, not depending on the Tour operator, as follows:

- Delays of flights arising from mechanical failures, bad weather

- Cancellation or stop of the tour due to personal reasons of the Client

- Theft or loss of or damage to luggage or travel documents during the tour

- Any problems with the customs authorities upon leaving Bulgaria or entering the country of destination, caused by failure to deliver the necessary travel documents or any law-breaking committed.


5.Regulations for Cancellation and Discontinuity of the Contract


 ​ 5.1 Each of the parties has the right to claim change or discontinuity of the contract due to considerable changes in the circumstances, which have occurred after the moment of contract conclusion.


  5.2 The Agreement for changes in the contract or notice for discontinuity of the contract must be made in writing only.


  5.3 In case of changes in the contract the liabilities of the parties remain according to the last changes of the contract. In case of discontinuity of the contract the liabilities of the parties will be discontinued after settlement of the financial claims.


6.Changes and cancellation of reservations made by the Client

/Valid for tours in Bulgaria only. The terms for reservations and annulations for tours abroad are treated in the Terms and conditions of every specific tour./


  6.1 Cancellations

- more than 10 work days prior departure for hotel reservations, individual one day tours and weekend tours and more than 15 work days prior departure for longer tours and group programs: no cancellation fee

- between 10 and 5 workdays prior to departure date: cancellation fee equals the sum of the deposit

- less than 5 workdays prior to departure: cancellation fee - 100% of the total tour cost.

*this is not valid if  the contract for the specific tour has its own cancellation conditions


  6.2 In case of no show  “Eventur LTD ” will retain the total amount of the tour cost as a cancellation fee.


  6.3 If the Client quits the tour or the tour is discontinued by events beyond the Company’s control no refunds are to due by Eventur LTD.


  6.4 If the Tour operator makes a considerable change in some of the important clauses of the present contract, the Client must be notified immediately. The Client is bound to inform the Tour operator about his decision on the changes within 2 days after receiving the notice of the Tour operator. The Client guarantees that the telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address he has given in the contact can be used by the Tour operator for quick and reliable delivery of messages. The acceptance of the changes has to be certified by an annex agreement to the contract. In case the Client does not accept the changes, the Tour operator has to offer another tour at the same or higher/lower price with the corresponding additional payment or refund of the price difference. If the Client does not accept the offer of the Tour operator, he can cancel the Contract without having to pay any cancellation fee or compensation and the Tour operator has to refund sums paid by the Client within 7 days of the date of receipt of the deny-notice.

*Changes in hotels or places of accommodation with others of the same or higher category without changing the price or changes in transportation means with other of the same or higher category or class is not considered a substantial change of the contract.


7.Provisions, related to specificities of the tour


In relation to the specific features of the tours, offered by the Tour operator:

  7.1 The Client, booking a Serendipity’s/Eventur LTD/  tour is considered familiar with the risks and the inconveniences of adventure travel. Because of political and cultural differences, as well as the rougher natural conditions, travelling in certain regions of the world involves some inconveniences of daily character.


  7.2 The Client is supposed to be aware of his physical condition and his ability to undertake the tour without any risk of incurring upon him any health problems and impeding the normal progress of the tour.


  7.3 The Client accepts the tour leader’s authority and respects his decisions. In case the tour leader - representative of Serendipity/Eventur LTD/  - deems a situation dangerous, even if it is included in the program, he can make changes as to avoid it and this could not be subject to claims.


8.Contentious issues and claims


  8.1 Any disputes and claims will be arranged by consensus between the parties. In case no consensus can be worked out the disputes will be related to a competent Bulgarian court and judged in accordance relevant Bulgarian laws (The Obligations and Contracts Law).


  8.2 In case of non-fulfillment or inaccurate realization of the contract’s conditions during the tour, the Client is bound to inform immediately the relevant supplier or the Tour operator in writing, as for the latter to be able to react on time with a view to the due taking of adequate measures as to the satisfaction of all concerned parties.


  8.3 In case the claims of the Client regarding the quality of the provided services can not be satisfied in the moment of providing the service, the Client has the right to present a duly drawn up claim to the Tour operator not later than 3 work days after the end of the tour. The Tour operator is obliged to announce his statement regarding the claim within 30 days after its receipt.