Pirate's party

One of the most attractive trips on the seaside


date 01.06.2016

date 10.10.2016


Pirate's party (1/2 day + lunch)

One of the most attractive trips on the seaside. A key moment is the fight with another pirate's ship in open sea, after then winners and conquered drop anchor and embark upon entertainments. The animators and the crew, dressed in pirate's armor look after the entertaining programme: in search of the key of a buried treasure, beer drinking by nursing-bottle (parents including), taking fruits with mouth from a sea water filled bucket, and still more surprises. Lunch, including vegetable salad, barbeque fish, drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks). Duration - 3 hours.

Departure days: Monday, Friday and Sunday

33 EUR for adults, 17 EUR for children up to 12 years