Melnik – Rozhen Monastery

Amazing trip to the smallest and most romantic town in Bulgaria and the biggest sanctuary in the Pirin region - Rozhen Monastery


date 01.12.2016

date 01.04.2017


Melnik - Rozhen Monastery

Approximately Arrive at Melnik. Visit to the Kordopulov's House
The Kordopulov's House was built in 1758 and it is named after the wine merchant Manolis Kordopulov to whom it once belonged. The curious fact about the house is that it is supposed to be the biggest residential building on the Balkan Peninsula from the Revival Period. The pearl of the house is the reception room having twenty-four windows with Venetian stained glass facing the four directions of the world. What also can be seen is the enormous wine cellar equipped with special canals and ventilation.
Free time in Melnik - The smallest and most romantic town in Bulgaria
Three-course lunch at the Rozhensko Hanche
Visit to Rozhen Monastery
The Rozhen Monastery is the biggest sanctuary in the Pirin region and one of the few Bulgarian Monasteries of the Middle Ages, which has survived relatively intact up to present days. Besides well-preserved wall paintings, the monastery is famous for its stained glass (the oldest of its type preserved till present days) and unique woodcarvings. As other monasteries, the Rozhen one also has its miraculous icon-protector, of Virgin Mary, which is kept in an ark in one of the chapels of the complex. According to the legend, the icon is one of the few copies of a sacred iron, owed by a widow of Nikea (Greece). During the times of the Byzantine's emperor Theophilus, famous for his persecution of icon worship, the widow threw the icon into the waters in order to avoid its being destroyed by the emperor. The icon did not sink but sailed for years and in 999 it reached the gates of Iviron Monastery in Greece.
Departure to Bansko
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