Adventures in Bulgaria

Mystery in the mountain of Orpheus – the mystic singer from acient Thracia.


7 nights

date 01.03.2014

date 30.06.2014


PRICE FROM 435 EURO  Per person





Day 1 - Arrival to Sofia. Transfer from the airport and accommodation in 3* hotel (Sofia Place or similar)


Day 2 - After breakfast – walking tour around the Bulgarian capital – a 8500 old city called “My Rome” by Emperor Constantine The Great. Visit to the most fascinating places of interest: the forum of Ancient Serdica (the old name of the city) with the newest archeological discoveries from Roman time which are exhibited next to the Bulgarian presidency.

Next is the St. Nedelya sqare, where 4 temples from different religions are located next to each other: The Catholic church, The Ortodox church, The Synagogue and The Mosque are forming quadrangle, which symbolize the peace between different religions in Bulgaria.

Our tour continues with the Alexander I square where the Royal Palace and the National Theatre are located, “Tzar Osvoboditel” boulevard, the Parliament, the Church of ”St. Sofia” (the name means wisdom), which had given the name of the city, the Sofia University and the “Alexander Nevski” cathedral (the biggest Orthodox temple on the Balkan peninsula).

Next we will visit the most remarkable object in the outskirts of Sofia, in the foot of Vitosha Mounatin. This is Boyana Church – a medieval Bulgarian Orthodox church situated in the Boyana district. The monument is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The church is one of the most completely and perfectly preserved monuments of east European medieval art. The frescoes in the church, painted in 1259, make it one of the most important collections of medieval paintings and initiating the beginning of the European Renaissance.

Departure for the Rhodopes Mountain. The road passes by trough the extremely beautiful Vacha lake.

Accommodation, dinner and overnight in Rhodopes hotel complex in Trigrad Village (Arkan Han 3*), where is situated one of the most famous natural phenomenon in the region – the Trigrad Gorge. Wild River is curving amongst steep rocks, elevated over 100 m high!.


Day 2 - After breakfast – entering in the Devil Throat Cave amongst the roar of the cave waterfall, dropping from more than 40 meters high. A real place for the lovers of strong emotions! Afterwards follows row with a boat on the underground river up to the siphon of the cave, climbing down with ropes – an alpine trolley, between the rocks of the canyon and one more testing for the alpinism lovers – climbing of the so called Via Ferrata (the Iron Road). This is kind of rock climbing over specially mounted iron steps up to 40 meters high. A small botanic garden is situated on the top, where 17 kinds of endemic species are planted.

Return to the hotel. At the shooting ground, everyone could test his/hers skills in shooting with bow or air gun.

Dinner and overnight.


Day 3 - After breakfast – horse riding through some of the most picturesque spots in the Rhodopes mountain. Picnic lunch in “Eagle’s eye” place, where we will admire the beautiful surrounding scenery. Visiting the Yagodina cave, the longest and the most beautiful one in the Rhodopes. Often here are making… weddings!

Departure to the region of Smolyan lakes. Short nip in the Rhodopes village of Shiroka Luka – an architectural, ethnographic and folklore reserve. Accommodation in hotel complex Mauntain Lake near the lakes. 


Day 4 - After breakfast – mountain orienteering competition! We will follow the signs of a priest, hero from a famous Bulgarian novel in XVIII century.

Picnic lunch.

Next comes trekking through one of the most picturesque and rich of rare plants itinerary in the Rhodopes – the Canyon of the Waterfalls. This is a 6 km. long reserve with a cascade of waterfalls, with displacement of over 60 m.

Accommodation, dinner and overnight in a family hotel in Mogilitsa village, where is located the biggest Muslim castle in Rhodopes from the beginning of XIX century. There is a secret room in the castle, from where the householders eavesdropped the talks of their business partners. Afterwards they used this information for future stroke of business.


Day 6 - After breakfast we will go in a natural forest park, where the “Park of Tarzan” is located. We will pass trough wooden and rope bridges in the woods at 4-6 m height. Next is bicycle ride by the riverside of the local Arda River, through enchanting mountain beauty. After the bicycle marathon, departure for the Rhodopes village of Smilian. Visit of the farm “Milk house”, where traditional for the region milk products are produced by original technology. Tasting. Here you will learn the longevity recipe of the local inhabitants.

Visit of the local Museum of the Beans. Smilian is a producer of one of the best beans sorts in Bulgaria. In the museum are exposed also pictures made with beans from guests of the village.

In the late afternoon – departure for Zlatograd – a picturesque Rhodopes town, situated only few kilometers away from the Greek boundary. Visit of the ethnographic complex, kept in it the typical for the Rhodopes architecture and acquaintance with the vivid ancient crafts, practiced here in ХVІІІ – ХІХ century.

Accommodation, dinner and overnight in one of the renovated Rhodopes houses in the complex.


Day 7 - Breakfast. Departure from Zlatograd towards the rock Thracian city of Perpericon, a city with over 5000 years of history BC. This marvelous spot was famous as much as the Apollo Temple in Delphi, due to Herodotus. It is here, where the sanctuary of God Dionysius is placed. In this megalith complex are made the prophecies for the victories of Alexander the Great and the first Roman Emperors, starting with Octavian Augustus! Perpericon is competing in its dimensions to such monuments from the ancient times as the ones in the Caucasus and Indonesia. After the visit of the sacred for the Traces (the oldest civilization in Bulgaria) town, follows visit of the unique rock phenomenon of Rock Mushrooms.

In the afternoon –visit of the Ancient Plovdiv, established in IV century B.C. by the father of Alexander the Great – King Philip II. Sightseeing of the Ancient Roman Theatre, the Fortress wall, the Roman Stadium, which have been arena of gladiators fights, one of the most beautiful houses from the period of the Bulgarian Renaissance /ХVІІІ – ХІХ century/, the oldest church in the city – Constantine and Elena.

Return back to Sofia. Accommodation and overnight in 3* hotel.


Day 8 - Breakfast. Transfer to Sofia airport and flight back home.        


During the stay in the Rhodopes mainly dishes from the local cuisine are going to be offered, ecologically clean. During the trekking the tourists are going to have the possibility to pick up for home the extremely aromatic Rhodopes forest tea, wild mushrooms and forest fruits. The accommodation is going to be mainly in small family hotels, established in traditional for the region architectural style.


Price is per person and includes:


 -  Accommodation for 7 nights in 3* and in traditional hotels

 -  13 meals – 7 breakfasts, 4 dinners and 2 picnic lunches

 -  A/C vehicle with English speaking driving guide during the whole trip.

 -  Parking fees and road taxes.

 -  All entrance fees for the museums, sites and churches mentioned in the program


Adventure and other activities in the mountain including local guides and specialized instructors

 -  Tasting of milk products in Smilian

 -  Museum of beans

 -  Yagodina cave

 -  Picnic lunch in Trigrad

 -  Air gun and bow shooting

 -  Climbing to Via Ferata

 -  The Park of Tarzan

 -  Devil’s Throat cave

 -  Underground boat trip in  Devil’s Throat cave

 -  Alpine Trolley in Trigrad

 -  Bicycle tour in Arda

 -  Trekking to the Canyon of Waterfalls

 -  Horse riding in Trigrad

 -  Mountain orienteering


Price exluded: 

 -  Special insurance for adventure activities, which covers risks in the mountain – approx 40 EUR for the activities from day 3 till day 6 inclusive. The insurance is not obligatory, but recommendable.

 -  Other meals than stated.

 -  Beverages.

 -  Flight tickets to Bulgaria


Special discounts for more than 4 persons arriving together.