Bulgaria is a country of wonders!

It has collected a whealth of extremely beautiful natural landmarks and cultural monouments of world signficance on its small territory. 

Bulgaria is a successor of ancient civilizations - Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and proto-Bulgarians have left on these lands exceptionally valuable artistic and architectural evidence of their advanced culture. They are scattered throughout the country and make it one of the most attractive destinations for people, interested in history and culture.

Bulgaria is one of the leading spa destinations in Europe. There are over 700 mineral springs, the water of which varies in chemical, composition, temperature and properties.

The Bulgarian national and nature parks are an enormous wealth - they have a magnificent wilderness, biodiversity, endemic and rare plant and animal species and unique natural landmarks.

  • 1,136   Wine Tour Of Bulgaria

    Wine Tour Of Bulgaria

    We’ll visit some of the best wine cellars in Bulgaria located in the southwest, central and northern wine – producing regions, and will sample typical Bulgarian high – quality brands like Mavrud, Melknik and Gamza, along with the more popular wines.

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  • 390   Gourmet and wine break

    Gourmet and wine break

    Bulgaria is among the countries that have the oldest traditions in wine-making. The Tracian tribes laid the foundation of the wine-growing traditions - their vines are the source of today's national pride.

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  • 365   The magic of the wine

    The magic of the wine

    Bulgaria is famous for its traditional wine grape varieties. The country’s climate, landscape and soils are exceptional for vine – growing and winemaking.

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